Critique my build please :)

Demon Hunter!Yec!ZZYcZb

Lots of slowing abilities. Mark targets at will, backflip away at will, if I need to prep to get back health and more disc.
It's a good build, I really like its theme. The fact that Caltrops is missing in this slow build does cause me to pause though. I think if you included Caltrops ruined with jagged spikes you could up your damage out put because the monsters would be taking damage from the traps and your arrows/bolts at the same time.
Overall, it's pretty good. But I'd change rune of Entangling Shot to Chain Gang if I were you.
You will be spamming Entangling Shot to build up your hatred, and as far as I'm aware of, the damage from Shock Collar doesn't stack, it only refreshes.
Nice build Azzuna, not the fastest killer but well balanced.

What weapon do you plan to use with archery?

I would switch the rune on entangling shot to justice is served as using elemental arrow more often will outweigh the small damage shock collar adds.

I'd also switch the rune on vault to something else as I don't see you tumbling through mobs so much as tumbling away from them.

Your build really doesn't seem disc hungry enough to support taking preparation. The 60% heal is nice to have, but I think you'd get more utility from a companion(probably bat), sentry(maybe aid station if you want healing), or fan of knives/spike traps for good damage before you vault away from mobs.

@ Redcell All his attacks slow so I don't think he really needs to add caltrops.
Decent, I don't like shock collar though. You could do better with either Chain Gang as proposed by an earlier guy, or even Justice is Served for huge hatred regeneration.
05/01/2012 08:04 PMPosted by Fellspar
@ Redcell All his attacks slow so I don't think he really needs to add caltrops.

Noted, it's a good idea to keep redundancy to a minimum in a build, excepting CDok of course;-)

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