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Whatever happened to the old rune icons/symbols? The symbols that were on each rune? Why were the scrapped in favor of completely new symbols? One of them is even a blatant reusing of resources, it's the Demon Hunter's Marked for Death's skill icon. The symbols in the current rune system are also seemingly randomly assigned to different runes for different skills.

Just wondering why the old rune symbols that were already assigned to each skill/rune were scrapped in favor of new symbols with no explanation.
Because then people would complain that they were rehashing the symbols from the old rune system on the new rune system, and provide several inane reasons as to why the symbols shouldn't be the same.
That doesn't seem to be a very good reason at all, considering the old rune symbols lasted through several iterations of the rune system, what's one more?
Honestly my reply was meant in a more sarcastic kind of way; thinking seriously for a minute though, I don't think I can come up with a solid reason as to why they were changed either, other than the fact that maybe they actually did want the entire system to feel brand new, so they just went all out and made new symbols and everything.

Then again, if that was their intent, then they probably wouldn't have reused the Demon Hunter's Marked for Death symbol as a rune symbol, so who knows.

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