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Hey guys, I think I'm ready for Diablo

Some close ups from angles

Don't play with fire, kids.

For this next shot I set up a fog machine. This is probably the most diabolical in the group. Enjoy!
Words can't describe how awesome that looks lol
tone it down just a tad
Are you implying something robotic? I don't understand subtlety very well. :D
Taking a trash can from a dirty alley and dumping its contents over your monitor?
It's not so much the bugs now crawling around or the weird smell, but while I was picking foliage I seemed to have been pricked by some kind of doctor's needle. It stings a bit, and it's throwing off my sc2 ability. The good news is my APM skyrocketed to 400, so I disagree that it's a bad environment for gaming. It seems to be improving my abilities 10 fold.
Amazing! I like it.
Out of the !@#$storm of mundane and ever repeating RMAH threads, I stumble upon this.

%^-*ing awesome desk man! Seems like a fire hazard though. Lol.
LOL~~~~~~~~ WOW!!!!!!!
Pretty cool. If that were me I'd be afraid I was gonna burn the house down with all those candles. :)
Plz, remove all those trash from your desk!!!! lol
My GF (and by that, I mean a recording of a woman's voice spliced from cooking shows) was very negative regarding the candles being so close to the garbage I dumped all over the monitor.
Pretty cool except for that stupid piece of parchment you placed over your keyboard that still had all the correct placement of the is up with that, takes away from the whole thing IMO
That was a message sent to me by Cain. It's some kind of secret code that I don't yet understand.

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