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Awesome for cosmetics, horrible for actual gameplay.
Nice! Thanks for posting your pics.

Very creative!

I just have one question...

If you smash n bash it into pieces,

What are the chances of a *~Unique~* dropping?
Do you have a fire extinguisher near the desk?
Woah creepy. Lol need some jars of shrunken heads and hands; just joking. Nice job!
I like it. Thanks for posting. Better than the empty containers of mountain dew and red bull sprinkled among fast food bags and pizza boxes. With a smidgeon of ants, roaches, and the childhood goldfish pet that jumped out of the bowl behind the bed. That's the room I envision of most of the insecure people hating on this thread.
wow that looks very cool, but just remember put the candles out before you go to bed tho, no fun to set youself on fire.
I think you need some help
05/05/2012 06:44 AMPosted by Wirt
Do you die when you die in game?

lol YES, I'm demonically linked to the game.
you have put a lot of efort to do that. very fun, congrats!
but i guess your mom wont be happy when see it... maybe you even wont be allowed play DIII, hehehe
The !@#$ did I just look at?
That's quite an impressive setup you've constructed. I am a fan of total darkness immersion though I have added pulsating red LED lighting to my station so it feels a little more like hell. Maybe I'll throw in some electric candles to try and adapt some of your flair.

Happy Gaming!
enjoy CO2
Holy Moly what if one of those candles drips wax onto one of your pc peripherals ? Or what if the fires of hell burn that pc down? Be careful there Demon Slayer or you might be dialing 911 and Diablo will really win
i belive that smoke not come for only the candle XD, BTW blizz give a gift to this guys y a creazy fan!
05/05/2012 07:23 AMPosted by scrambles
Do you die when you die in game?

lol YES, I'm demonically linked to the game.

so dont play hardcore XD
Very creative, I like ;)
Looks like the perfect atmosphere. Would I play in this kind of atmosphere though? No.. Why? Too messy if anything happened while i was doing something important in game, probably be all that obstructions in the way
A lot of time went into this. I guess you have been waiting fro the release since the beginning.
i have only a short reply.. thats awesome... that is all. /thread

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