Nothing but damage (attempt at a new build)

I just threw these skills together in an attempt to come up with some redic damage plus build. I don't know if it has any chance or any survivability thoughts and comments are welcomed. Thanks!cYb!cbacba
I don't think builds like this will be effective, been saying this for a while. You have some degree of survivability from transendence but honestly I don't think that is enough, at least not enough to be worth it.

The reason why I don't think monk DPS builds are terribly effective is this: You can do maybe 700 dps (completely ambiguous numbers here, but you will get the idea) with a build like that, but I can do about 400 or 500 dps with a build like this:!ZXd!YbaZaa

I will do maybe 3/4 or 2/3 of your dps, but I will have at least twice your survivability. I think the strength of the monk lies in our ability to build tanky while building dps through passives like seize the initiative. From a soloplay perspective my build will most likely be way better on higher difficulties because i will have very high dodge, very high armor, and heals from both serenity and breath of heaven.

From a group play perspective I don't see monk dps as very viable in the first place. I don't think we can compete with the DPS of other classes, so honestly I think groups will view dps monks as a gimp to their group comp. We have so many great support abilities (serenity with the group rune, boh, inner sanctuary, etc) that I think we are just way more useful to groups playing a support role or tank role.

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