Razer nostromo for d3?

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04/29/2012 09:21 PMPosted by Drewbie
no. Razer sux

Endurance wise, I have to agree with Drew. I Own a razer naga molten, I have to say it's comfortable in my hand, the razer synapse are easy to configure too and most importantly it look amazing. However..

1. Three months after I bought it, the left mouse button often double or triple click from using a single click. Searching on internet, I found that it's a common problem, one of the link for example..


I managed to fix the problem, by doing what that link above me said.

2. One year after I bought it, the metal weight inside the mouse broke, again this is a common occurance, Another link as descrition.


There are several other issue.

While it's possible that the Razer Naga Molten is the only product they have that's of lower quality, I will never trust them again. For 79,99 USD, I expect a product that built to endure 2-3 years instead of months.
03/01/2013 11:30 AMPosted by ViewMaster
You can have shift mapped to the thumb button!!!

I hadn't thought of that. I don't use the thumb button for much of anything, but using it for "stand still" might work better than my current setup.
I use the Razer Nostromo for everything! You fall in love with it and I can't game without it. I can put my left hand in a comfy position and never touch the keyboard unless i am doing chat.

I use the button for the space bar instead of the acutal default space bar key. Just seemed a bit far but the button works great!

Muscle memory and works great in D3 as well as FPS

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