Looking for thoughts and criticism on build!

Demon Hunter

edited build 1: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#aZQjTd!Yec!YcaYZa
- switched cinder arrow for devouring
-dropped acrobatics for extra damage

Let me start off by saying that I will be playing in a group with friends. We will definitely have a support oriented monk and a witch doctor. The 4th may be a barbarian or a damage oriented monk. My idea for this build is to dish out as much damage as possible, in pretty much any given situation.

The idea is that our WD will be oriented for cc and enemy debuffs so that is why I don't have any slows/stuns/etc. I will say I am more inclined to have superior single target dps than aoe, but still want to be able to put out solid aoe damage. Lets assume our 4th member is also a focused damage dealer with strong aoe.

Hungering Arrow- Max single target dps with occasional aoe help.
Impale- Plan to spam on big targets (how does chemical burn compare?)
Multishot- AoE
MfD- Runed for hatred, more impale spamming (coulda also help generating for multi)
Bat companion- More multishot/impale spam(also hoping it attacks like the raven for overall dps increase)
Vault- no cost, disc reserved for other abilities. thinking I wont need to be using this more than once every 15s with our group comp.

Steady Aim, Archery - General dps increase
Vengeance- more hatred and disc help

Ok so my idea is pretty much impale/multishot spam as much as possible, hoping to keep steady aim uptime very high. I would say my first 4 abilities and first 2 passives are set in stone.. and its the others I cant really fully decide on. I am hoping the holes in my build will be filled by my group. We are aiming for the top and I will change my build as necessary for inferno and such. Guardian turret and caltrops are great abilities to have at our disposal.

Other abilities of interest to me are rapid fire, chakram and elemental arrow. As stated, we will have a monk and WD taking care of support and utility/cc.. hopefully letting me to focus more on offense without worrying too much about anything else myself. Do your worst! First time Diablo player, but we are going all in.
decent build if in a group. devouring arrow > cinder arrow. although if i were you id probably use grenades with tinkerer for maximum hatred generation.
Definitely drop Cinder Arrow from Hungering Arrow, it's crap. Devouring is the superior single target while Puncturing is a little more of an all-around because of the more pierces. Additionally, if Shatter Shot can pierce you definitely want to go with that. That route will produce far better all around damage than Grenades with Tinkerer even though it gets you double the hatred.

Get rid of Acrobatics. You're hardly using any discipline in your build as is and 15 seconds is way too long of a CD for your only escape. You'll never have to bring your companion out again because (as it looks in the video of the raven), the bat just sticks by you and attacks every so often without being targettable back. Marked for Death also costs a whopping 3 disc every 30 seconds so you'll be fine on disc. If you're still worried, go with Tumble otherwise take one of the damaging runes so that you can leave a little present for whoever is close to you.

Don't be too worried about hatred generation because, until you get gear with lots of crit for Impale/Grievous Wounds, Hungering Arrow w/Devouring Arrow gives you very comparable damage.

For this reason, I would also consider taking Vengeance out of the build. It's not bad because it gives you a little hatred every time someone picks up a health globe, but you'll be better off with something else. I would prefer Cull the Weak assuming one of the other 3 members in your group is going to have some sort of slow. If not, grab Sharpshooter or something.
Awesome! Thanks for the great feedback. Picked up devouring and dropped Acrobatics. Also if hatred generation isn't much of an issue, maybe Ill switch to the spider for Cull the Weak help or pick up a different ability all together.

Put edited build on my first post. Thanks again, appreciate it!
I haven't looked as closely at the WD but I can only recall one of his CC abilities being a slow, unless you know one of your buddies is going to be using slow a lot I would swap cull the weak for vengeance or even sharpshooter.
More hatred with vengeance means more use of your spenders or opening with a crit impale-grievous wounds could be pretty nice.

Since you're playing in a group death toll might be a better rune for MfD, then again you said you're running with a support monk. Something to think about anyway.

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