Slow Hunt Build

Demon Hunter
I create this build with the intent to keep away from monster as long as possible, keeping them slowed.!Ycd!bZZbba

For this I would be using Caltrops (maybe change the rune for Inferno, to Hooked Spines) and the Spider Companion; beside that, if they could pass from the caltrop and the companion, I still have Fan of Knifes (That with Hail will still do a good damage and have a greater radius of effect)

Being slowed i can start attacking.

The passives Steady Aim and Cull the weak will help me giving a good increase on my damage (20% + 15%)

Evasive Fire (with Covering Fire) will be my main attack, generating a good income of hatred, bing useful to damage up to 3 monsters and allowing me to escape once they really get close (for teleporters or very fast monsters)
I choose as hatred spenders on AoE (Frost Arrow) and one for boss/epic monster (Impale with Chemical Burn)

And Brooding is to regenerate any damage i might take, as I believe all this slow will really help me to not be easily attacked

I think that my flaw would be not having Smoke Screen, that will probably very useful for Inferno levels.

Any modification? Comments are welcome!
i would take entangling shot in place of evasive fire, but id also probably take evasive fire/vault over fan of knives. (if the hole point is to say at a range whats the point of fan of knives, even at 20 yards if your not in the center of a group you might hit 2-3 mobs with it) at this point im not sure if companion is viable. the pet doesnt go out and attack like a wd summon. it only attacks monster that get close and it seems to only attack every 2-3 seconds so you might want to replace it with something else. id suggest preparation.

demonstration of raven (just add a slow and you got the spider)

as for passives archery is better than all 3 of your passives. just say your using a bow. 15% permanent increase vs 15% only while the target is slowed, vs 20% when at 10 yards away from all targets. 50% critical damage is even better than the 15% if you have 30% ish+ crit chance. not going to comment on the duel xbows. 1% a second really is nothing imo though so id get rid of brooding.

and your right about ss, imo any build without it is a weak build.
I agree with a lot that Cronos said, although I wouldn't drop cull the weak and steady aim, I'd just ditch brooding for archery.

Another thing to consider I think is that you only actually have 2 slows. Caltrops and Elemental Arrow. Caltrops is meh when coupled with steady aim, since they are going to end up being close to you before they even pop it. And elemental arrow only slows for 1 second. I just don't see that being long enough of time to make a kiting/ranged build such as this work. I like elemental arrow as a hatred dump, but not as your primary slow.
i wasnt saying to ditch cull or steady aim. i said drop brooding (but if he was set on having it archery is better then all 3 of his passive is the point i was making, sorry if that wasnt clear)

and i also agree with quantum. the slow on elemental arrow is sorta of worthless in this build and could be easily replaced with another rune. (or another ability)

i personally would change it to something more like this (although i dont plan on using a build anything like this as i plan to use smokescreen in all of my builds and dont think cull of the weak is really worth the passive when compared to tactical advantage or vengeance)!Yce!aaZbbY
You'll comfortably keep the monsters away from you, but how about ranged and caster mobs? All the slow in the world won't save you from them. I think you should have a defense for ranged mobs that also works well against melee, such as Smoke Screen or Shadow Power
I'm going to have to disagree with you guys about frost arrow. Because it is so cheap I see it being spammed at groups of mobs advancing on you which will keep them slowed as long as you have hatred to keep attacking with it.

I do think that the 15 yrd backflip on evasive fire is not going to be enough. Think of it this way, it only gives you a five yard cushion between when you use it and when you lose the steady aim buff. I would swap covering fire for displacement.

I agree with chronos about ditching the spider companion. Unless you are planning on being in close with mobs the purely attack companions (raven, spider, boar, wolf) aren't going to be doing much. I could see bat companion working for you or sentry/MfD/preperation-battle scars.

I agree that brooding isn't going to be great for you and you should go for archery/vengeance.
Thanks for the help guys; with your opinions I've change a bit.!Yce!YaZZaZ

Yeah, companion will not be good in this build, so I've changed for Smoke Screen (with lingering Fog; the -2 on discipline cost is too few, imo).

Elemental Arrow is, again imo, a good damage dealer with a small cost, and the Frost rune is just something to help.

The Entangling Shot was surely something that was missing, but I really don't know wich rune is better for this build (Chain Gang or Heavy Burden).

Agreed with Felspar about the Evasive Fire, so changed the rune for Displacement (keep this skill for giving a good damage with good hatred generation; might change for Vault (with Acrobatics) if I notice that I'm only using Entangling Shot as a hatred generator).

Agreed with Brooding, and changed for Archery, but again I can change a passive in the future (for Vengeance) if discipline regeneration beacome a problem.

Again, thanks for the ideas, been very useful!

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