What follower will you bring?

Which follower is the best for a Barbarian, in your opinion?
What skills will you pick for the follower?
Which follower to you think will be best suited for inferno, and why?

I will post mine after I read a few, posts.

Thank you in advance :)
My Demon Hunter wife.

Seriously though, I'll probably stick with the Templar for solo-play because of his heals. That said, the Enchantress' Erosion and Focused Mind skills seem really good, plus she's a blond.
It depends on which build I choose to play.

If I'm trying to fish for procs, Enchantress's Focus Mind seems great.
If I'm going for a critbuild, Scoundrel's Anatomy/Hysteria seems perfect.
Templar's Inspire looks great for fury heavy consumers build.

For inferno, I will probably go for Enchantress because of her powerful control abilities (charm, powered armor, disorient, mass control).
If CC is hit with heavy reductions in higher difficulties (which I think we all expect), then that kinda rules out the Enchantress for me. Like Exec said, if I'm going for a crit build I might go with the Scoundrel, but otherwise the Templar offers the best survivability, especially additional passive regen, which I suspect will be more important than we think right now (all those life return skills won't be worth much if you get chain feared and can't survive through it).
I think Rosen and Exec haved nailed it. Personally, I'll be playing with each once for story sake, then I won't be using nor planning them at all.

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