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In the multiplayer time I spent on the beta, I essentially came across two main types of people. Runners, and clearers.

Runners don't care about getting all of the anything. Whole sections of maps can go unexplored in their pursuit of the way down. Once you find where you're supposed to go, you go there and kill whatever happens to be between you and the next portion of going down.

Clearers will kill and loot damn near everything. Driven by XP, gold or just an uncontrollable urge for completion, they'll make sure everything is found.

As a clearer, it drives me multiple colours of crazy having a runner in the group. One person, frothing with fervor will go Leeroy anything they can find, and upon finding the way to the next area, will immediately leap in. Other members have the option of picking over the carcass of a level, or trying to keep up.

Do you feel you fit into either of these? And how do you feel about it / the other aspect?
Im a little of both Id say. I don't have a problem leaving something unexsplored, but if theres some barrels on the way to where were going, I have the urge to break them open. Got a decent amout of rares from barrels and loose stones.

I've seen runners in beta that will just run past half the mobs, now that is just wrong.

On the other hand some one clearing lvl 1 while the other 3 are on lvl 3 is just as annoying
Clearer is obviously the best, because that one corridor you don't venture down is going to be where the best elite monster is undoubtedly going to be.

Skipping anything in a game like this, where rare spawns drop some of the best loot, is foolhardy.
Depends, if I've been through the dungeon 20+ times I turn into a "runner"

The champion\rare\elite packs have the better probability for better loot. That's enough for me.
After the first time I've played, I may run mostly through Normal difficulty with new characters, but people who're hell-bent on getting through the game to reach Inferno before everybody else will be in for a delightful surprise, I expect.
Depends, if I been through the dungeon 20+ times I turn into a "runner"

Was a problem in beta, still not sure why pple wanted to run to Leoric. your just gonna que up again for the same place.
Clearer. I'm paranoid the one barrel I don't break will have an amazing item. It'd be just my luck.
At the start of the Beta I cleared all.
However, towards the end it was just running.
Clearer, but at times I admit it. I go into a frenzy of just wanting to kill, kill, kill, and it's not about breaking boxes at that point it's about causing as much pain to the polygons as I can.
I am a clearer the first time through.. Then after that i like to just run through unless I'm playing with a clearer because I'm always down for that.
<-- Clearer.

Runners are my number 1 problem with playing multiplayer, honestly.

I'll give up and keep up with the Runners, if I have to, though. Really, you don't have much of a choice which is what's annoying to me about the playstyle. But, I seriously hope to run into and befriend more like-minded folks once I actually get into the game itself rather than just the Beta so that I can actually enjoy myself while playing rather than grumble.
We've got a runner!
I'm a little of both, but I'm leaning more towards clearer since I'll be playing with some barrel-punching buddies.

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