Balanced DWing Critical attack + healing Barb


A DWing Barb based on Critical damage and healing that can be played at LvL 46 :).

1) + Crit. %:
0) Starting base: 5% passive (I believe)
I) Revenge: 10% for 12 sec
II) Battle rage: 3%
III) overpower: 10% for 6 sec
IV) Berserker: 10% for 15 sec
V) ruthless: 5% passive
VI) Weapons master: maces/Axes = 10% passive

Conclusion: highest Crit possible = 53% for about 10 seconds, longest lasting Crit. = ~23%. Almost 1 in 4 hits = Crit

2) Extra dmg abilities from Crit.
I) Berserker: 155% dmg within 15 yards

Conclusion: A nice AoE addition to my critical hit dmg because I believe the berserker ability is meant to be a “slaughter” Fest.

3) Max life Healing abilities
I) WW = 1.0% max life per crit
II) Frenzy: 8.0% max life over 6 sec per enemy killed = 1.33%/sec
III) Revenge: 5.0% max life per enemy hit

Conclusion: a good amount of Max life heals coming from different ways of healing: killing, Crit's and per enemy hit.

4) Alternative healing and dmg reduction abilities:
I) Battle rage: + 5.0% health globe drop per Crit.
II) Relentless: 50.0% dmg reduction when under 20% life

Conclusion: the health globe buff is the icing on the cake and relentless allows me to whirlwind out of harm while healing in the process.

Final thoughts: I believe that this barb has a balance of + critical % and healing because since I will be DWing, I will get hit a lot and I will need enough healing to stay alive and deal my critical damage :).
So, you don't like Wrath of the Berserker [Slaughter] because of the long cool down? If so that makes sense. As for the OH SH- moments, I thought relentless would take care of it but maybe it wont... Now on that note you have inspired me to add Ignore Pain [ignorance] since it gives +20% dmg dealt as life and I plan on escaping with WW healing all the way through :).!ZYU!ZbZZbb

Less Crit, More Heal + Dmg reduction. Also a LVL 40 build :P.
I believe battle rage might actually have a cool-down, just hat the description is (like many) bugged.

Don't quote me on this though...

(but you can probably jsut swap rune to ferocity to make it up if this is the case)
thank you all for the info. I hope the debugged skills come soon. Now with regards to fury gain, do you think that my frenzy will generate to little fury for me to use my battle rage and WW effectively? If that seems to be the case I can always make the switch. Thank you for your suggestions.

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