Shield attack animation suggestion

I read the bit on Bashiok's response on the bit regarding the monk's attack animation and weapons and it gave me an idea.

I've always been a big fan of shield bashing and fighting with a shield. Why carry around a hunk of metal to only use it as a defensive shield? Cut down an enemy with your sword....then use your shield to backhand another enemy charging at you....Not to mention, a barbarian is supposed to be the master of melee combat. Why would he limit himself to only using a sword to attack his enemies?

Ideally, I would like to see it implemented in such a way that your basic attacks would have a 75% chance to use your sword in the animation and 25% chance to use your shield in the animation. Kind of randomized.

Maybe it can the percentages can be changed to 75/25 in favor of the shield with the use of the skill bash? Or the shield attack animation will trigger alongside with the bash only when bash stuns. (This will require the proper rune of course)

I don't think shields should have attack speeds or damage, but I'd like to see a shield attack animation alongside with the sword. Just purely cosmetic.


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