Mock the build above yours!

Witch Doctor
Let's play a game to sate our sanity until the release of D3.

Mock the dumb build in the post above yours. Don't hold back, but give reasons as to why it's bad. Give some constructive criticisms along with your snide remarks.

I'll start with mine. Go!!aZd!aZcccZ

tear it to shreds, please.
Summon Dogs AND Circle of Life? Talk about Mass Confusion.!dce!ZcYcac
A 60 second cooldown for your right click? Someone really is obsessed with spawning zombie dogs. Not that they are going to die that soon anyways when you have 4 of them with life steal and +20% health!cUg!Y.bZZa
3 primary skills? do you plan on killing anything?

sac with no dogs, vision quest w/ only 2 cd spells, loyalty with no pets... did you just click random skills?!bfW!caZaYc
4 DPS skills (firebomb, spirit barrage, horrify, wall of zombies pile on), yet you insist on the 70% weapon damage rune on Soul Harvest when you could go with several other useful utility runes, like a heal or 60s timer. I'm pretty Horrify'd at your obsession with doing damage. Truly a Grave Injustice.

Group build!!ZcW!aaaZYY
LOL! you must be slow! You will run out of mana in SECONDS!!!
Do you plan on running away from bad guys every time you run out?

Your build it truly idiotic.!baZ!cbZZaa
This whole build revolves around Circle of Life and Sacrifice. If you get some bad luck with Circle of Life you're screwed. Bosses will own you with this build. Way too dependent on long cool down skills and RNG.!ZYd!cccbcZ
LOL, Sacrafice but no Zombie Dogs :)))
You'll be slowing down crowds of enemies, but waiting for them to hit your Cloud of Bats, are you mad?! Why not take a long range skill like Hungry Bats, to eat the enemies alive.!Thc!aaZabY
Your only source of damage is poison. The occasional physical dmg from Fetish Army is not very reliable due to the long-ish cool down.

Good Luck with those resistances.!Zcd!acaZYa
Your ONLY direct damage dealer is dire bats, and so both your passives are for mana so you can continually cast it. It's a good idea, but you're sacrificing survivability for both pets and damage. I don't know how viable this will be in hell/inferno.

Group build:!hUc!aaYaYZ
Super fail. You'd run out of mana ridiculously fast with Pierce the Veil and no primary skill. Might as well just go Die in a fire.!bTW!bacbcY
You plan on staying in melee range, without any DR passives and with all your CC having cooldowns of significant length; if mobs come at you from two directions when MC is not available, then you can be in trouble quickly. You also have minimal and unreliably available health regen in your build, through grave injustice, which makes you even more vulnerable to incoming burst damage.

On the bright side, at least when playing on higher difficulties you'll become very knowledgeable about the different places where characters re-spawn, after they die.!ZVa!bcZYZc
I hope your Sacrifice + Circle of Life + Devolution can actually work dude, otherwise you will have a useless skill, passive, and rune on your hands... People in beta said it didn't work, however, I would really like to see it happen when the game ships.!ZVb!Yabbcc!dcZ!aacYba
This is not a solo build, but a party support build.

Ivisebal's build is not too bad.
I bit weak on CC as only one minion and only one cc spell.
I guess you use spirit walk to escape, and hope its not on cooldown.

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