Leap or Ancient Spear

I don't know if I should go with Leap to get near enemies and also get away from, or Ancient Spear to pull them towards me... or have both and sacrifice another skill I had planned to take
I'm plannin on going with leap because it should be easy enough to aggro a bunch of guys and have them stick to you so you won't need to pull them back. Whereas with leap you will be able to cause some immediate damage to a small group of guys and jump right into the mix of things. However, ancient spear will probably be super useful for PvP. Hope this helps.
So for archers / spellcasters... just leap to them when you have a pack on you? But then the chances of aggroing more in the range of the archers / spellcasters is likely, and in harder difficulties you could become overwhelmed. But i like leap because you can leap out of danger, and ancient spear brings those ranged to you so they stop range shooting you, with no means to escape
Well Diablo is PVE oreiented PVP is just for fun and not something that would ever be competitive in the universe of diablo so LEAP. Also more chance of survivability in the later stages of the game.
I personally like the idea of using Ancient Spear to pick a monster out of a pack so you can Frenzy or Bash it down at least a bit, then use the fury on Seismic Slams to bring down the pack along with some knockback. "I could do that all day." :)
How do you live with yourself not choosing the good old leap? What about the countless battles you survived with it? So yes leap. It's a tradition.
Leap! You can't spear up 2 flights of stairs, spear down the balcony, spear over a ledge or spear through jail bars.
Maybe you can.. but you'll still be where you were when you threw the spear, instead of where you clicked.
I will be using Leap for the first while. I had too much fun plunging over ledges on top of things during open beta.
Leap all the way, coupled with the rune that pulls enemies towards you from 24 yards away. Suck them all in and whirlwind your way out!
During the Beta, I found that I often times hit someone else with the spear other than my intended target. Either a mob got in the way or it auto-targted a different one as I fired.

For me, Leap is the way to go.
So everyone pretty much agreed with Leap, which is probably what I would've gone with. But I did like the idea of scorpion hook "get over here"
Ancient spear because you can pull a mob or player from the safety net of their home field, rather than leaping into w/e they have set up.

Is this a serious question?
Trillvill, Leap is such a better skill for every situation. It does ancient spear as well as its own job, which is in/out of combat. Also, if you are playing a barb, you do not fear the enemies home field or safety net.
I'm a pretty big fan of Leap, as most people seem to be.

I think Ancient Spear is really the dark horse of the barbarian skills, and I think runes that we didn't have access to in Beta are going to eventually make it a fan favorite. That said, it'll probably find more use in future PVP then anything.
Leap! You can't spear up 2 flights of stairs, spear down the balcony, spear over a ledge or spear through jail bars.
Maybe you can.. but you'll still be where you were when you threw the spear, instead of where you clicked.

that right there leap is deff like ima say the second best mobility skill other than tele tho i have yet to see it in use. but we know the crazy things u can do with jump why walk around somthing jump over/across/up to it much more fun
Leap 100%, all day, every day.
I can't play this game without leap. I don't care if another option is more efficient. Leap is too awesome.
They each have their uses. In PVE, however, I'm more inclined to get Leap most of the time. They both make it so your enemies are close to you, but Leap doubles as an escape/mobility mechanism.

Ancient Spear travels faster and allows you to avoid traps by bringing enemies to you, but I think it is geared more toward PVP than PVE. Ancient Spear also does over 2x more damage than Leap, so you could also use it as a nuke to pick of retreating, weakened enemies.

Spear > Leap when dealing with single targets.
Leap > Spear when dealing with groups.
If you're just using these skills for combat, I'd go with the spear because it just does so much more damage.

Leap's utility is too awesome to give up in PVE, though.
both of em
I'd go with Leap at first, but then consider Ancient Spear in harder difficulties. We only got to play around in the beta in super easy mode, and in super easy mode Leap is hella fun and amazing. Whereas Ancient Spear felt rather lackluster in comparison. Why single out an individual mob when you can just AoE everything with one shot? However, in harder difficulties, and especially with what we've seen in inferno, jumping into the middle of a pack of mobs looks to be a LOT more dangerous. I think Leap will still be great in inferno mode, but I think it'll be getting a lot more play as an escape mechanism instead of just for closing in. Inferno mode is where I think Ancient Spear will start to shine. Being able to single out mobs and kill a pack piece meal will be a lot more important.

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