famous quotes from Diablo?

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I am in the nude.

(I am renewed)
"I sense a soul in search of answers"

Times when Adria was a true witch. Not this pink dressed s.hit from diablo 3.
"Your death will be avenged"

"It is just a cow... I am not thirsty"

"psst! Over here!"
Nothing tops the diablo quote, "Not even death can save you from me"
"Stay awhile and listen"
"Aren't you thankful?"

Now a serious one: "The beast contained herein shall not be set free, not even by you." - Tyrael to Diablo.

Tyrael used to be such a badass...
"You drink water?"
- Farnham, when asked about the tainted well.
The warmth of life has entered my tomb. Prepare yourself, mortal, to serve my Master for eternity!
Sadly, the one I hear the most comes from Khadala who apparently hates me for some reason:

"Remember. Luck always changes."

While I haven't played D3 as much as many others and have collected far fewer bloodshards (60,300) I have received only one item from Khadala that I actually used.

But for some reason, I am playing almost as much D3 now than I have since the first days of Vanilla and ROS. I think it was the recent week-long exp+gold bonus that reignited my interest in D3. Also, though a WD I never used a Jade build, I like some of the new set bonuses in the recent patch as well as a couple of the new Items.

[It might be the awesome combo of the Haunting Girdle, 2- piece Jade set, and the Taeguk Ancient Gem that accounts for much of this.(Gain stackable extra damage from Mana spenders and Haunt is a mana spender.) While still fairly low, I have been able to go from doing lvl 26 GRs to Lvl 32 GRs just by spamming haunt LOL. I know for most of you that's no big deal, but for me it was a major accomplishment and has made the game a lot more rewarding, though spamminhg Haunt does get to be a bit boring :-)]
Hey - you that one that kill all! You get me magic banner or we attack! You no leave with Life! You kill big uglies and give back magic. Go past corner and door. Find uglies. You give, you go!
Nooooooo-one can stop, death...
lol from player in voice chat.

"Goblin Sire" oh crap I'm dead that was my HC toon can some power level me back 70?

Reply sure right after I pick up the loot from the sire :) Oh to bad when you die I can't get your gear too in HC :)
"To me you beasts. Let none touch me" (northern highlands)

"fight with all you've got" (skycrown)
the one that cracks me up is when Cormac the templar dies, then says "That was invigorating"
I'll join the necro, because some good ones are missing:

"Horazon's urinal? Oh, journal."

"I've fallen off my barstool many times, but no one calls me Geglash the fallen."

"The way I see it... ... it's all pretty bblluurryy."

"Things are getting wilder than ladies night at the Slippery Fist"


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