Why Barbarian?

I plan an playing the barbarian because of the same reasons I love to play my warrior in WoW. The beauty of the warrior's battleplan is it's simplicity. Everyone knows when they see a warrior/barb style that they've got they're hands full even though there's not a lot of tricks. We get in there and make you feel very uncomfortable, then cut you down before moving to the next victim. Charge, swing, victory....I fricken love it.
I played a solid amount of D2 across all classes. I'm not particularly fond of the kiting mechanics associated with the more mobile classes; frankly just makes the game more frantic / stressful for me. Nothing worse than being a flimsy sorc in places like the Maggot Lair or Duriel's chamber early on and getting owned because your spells are blocked by narrow passages and you have literally no room to kite. Moving forward and just slashing away on Barb is easy enough and, if you played D2, surprisingly never really gets boring. I've enjoyed several high level Frenzy / WW Barbs in D2.

Not a big deal, but I also prefer the aesthetic armor upgrade progression for Barb / Paladin type jobs. On Wizard / WD / Druid / etc. classes you get different looking robes and whatnot, but on heavy melee classes your gear goes from basic leathers to like ultra-awesome metal fortress of doom type stuff that makes you look like the unholy offspring of a transformer and a viking.

That said, someone on page 1 stated that Barb will likely survive the best in Inferno. I think Barb will be one of the worst solo classes in Inferno. When you get into the absurd situations / difficulties, you cannot tank the damage regardless of defense and resistances. I guarantee there will be the equivalent of Enchanted Gloam packs, exploding dolls, Super Fast Death Lords, etc. from D2 that are going to nearly one shot anyone in range. We'll see, but if you've seen the leaked damage scaling info about Inferno mobs, I don't see how you can survive that without avoiding most of it altogether via CC, kiting mechanics, etc., all of which are not Barb's forte.

TLDR: Barb appears to be one of the most simple classes to play and I really just want to get into the thick of it and hack away, but I think the going will be much tougher for Barb in Hell and Inferno than for Sorc / DH / WD.
I like the muscles.
The other classes do not really appeal to me. I'm not even one to have a lot of alts so I will probably barely play the other classes for a long time.
Prior to getting the beta i figured i'd go the wizard/sorc class, as I always have, but was keen to see how the demon hunter went. Loved the wizard, initially lukewarm on the DH, but once I rolled a Barb (just to try out) i found i just really loved going around wrecking stuff with him.

And it's just gone on from there. More wrecking, that is. They're just a lot more over-the-top than the other classes and very satisfying to play. The fact they share some skill traits with warriors from that WoW game some folk have played is a bonus.
To see my enemies driven before me and hear the lamentations of their women.

Conan reference noted. Help yourself to a cookie.
The main reason I'll be playing Barb is he just LOOKS so bad@ss. He towers over the MONSTERS. How epic is that? While range sits on the frings and whittles the group down around the edges the barb simply pushes thru " 'cuse me, cuse me.. gotta kill that fat thing over there" and wades in hip deep and then obliterates everything from the center. He truely is a whirlwind of death and destruction and "can take blows that would kill lesser mortals". With there being a whole slew of other reasons simply blasting baddies into orbit with a well placed cleave is nothing short of legendary. Good luck to all at launch!
After looking meticulously at all the classes skills, progressions, and what not, it hath occurred to me that the barbarian seems the most durable, with the most options for almost any encounter and can use the most amount of different items. With built in MF, I would have to say that this class is the most polished.

* I was fully onboard with DH since release but that class now seems the weakest.
* Monk is also up there with Barb but I feel the barb has a slight edge, even with less healing.
*I believe wiz "glass cannon" will, when played right be the most offensive powered class, and thus people will complain about OP
*Witch doctor has minions to take hits, which makes them the best to group with. Bring the most utility.
Although I had a 99 Sorc and a 99 Amazon, Barb was my favorite in D2 and the one I spent the most time with.

I had a 99 Barb that was multipurpose, and I had a 90 Barb that was part of a 100% legit item dueling society. Most fun I had in the game.

Playstyle suites me.
05/07/2012 06:15 AMPosted by Zoidburg
to me they are just the most fun. least in the beta. and are also the only class that have the animations, sound effects and monster rag doll physics multiplier that gives a true sense of raw power when swinging those big melee weapons. to me the other classes come across as kind of weak in comparison not in terms of damage output but in terms of how strong they feel when attacking.

Very true. 80% of my most satisfying moments were using the Barbarian and absolutely mangling zombies.

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