Why WD?

Witch Doctor
To those that pick WD over the other classes, why?

I seen a thread on the wizard forum asking us whom choose wizard, "why?" and it inspired me to create similar threads for the other classes. The idea is that, through the community posts, it will sum up some of the major (and minor) draws to each class. I, for one, would find this especially interesting since I have only briefly looked over the non-wizard classes but intend to play them all.

I am not just looking for answers based upon build/class strengths. Answers based upon something purely cosmetic or an opinion derived from the feel of the class is perfectly fine. Its all a part of understanding the general appeal.
Because its a odd class, wizards are in every game. Warriors are, hunter/assassins are. How many times have you seen a wd???
The WD's strength is in controlling the battle. Barbarians smash and tank, Monks hit fast and heal, Wizards blow things up, and Demon Hunters flip around while shooting. Witch Doctors don't have great escape mechanisms, they don't necessarily have the best damage output, and they're not that great at defensive techniques.

What we can do is thin the crowd, spread out mob damage amongst our pets, turn enemies against each other (or into chickens), and wear down the crowds with multiple DoTs while staying on the move.

That said, pretty much every class looks fun to me. Though I'll be maining my WD I will still be playing all 5 classes to 60.
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I just like the dark/gloomy/natural theme to the character.

I can relate to this. When I knew nothing about the classes, WD was my pick because of this but after I played them all a bit. I changed my mind. I still think the class has the most interesting skill set though and I think I'll have a ball doing all kinds of crazy things with them. Sacrifice, angry chicken, kill stuff with frogs.. spiders (see http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/4857245819 )
Unique, creepy, chaotic character with dark, powerful spells. I'm really looking forward to mass confusion, one of the only spells in the game that doesn't rely on weapon damage for killing power.
The witch doctor seems to utilize the cycle of of life and death. That is a concept that has always been interesting to me.
1) Novelty. While I'm also drawn to the wizard class, when I was playing her during the beta I kept thinking of all the time I spent playing my D2 Sorc and a lot of it felt the same. The WD is totally new, I haven't played anything like him with all the types of abilities he has, looks really cool to get the chance to play around with all his toys.

2) Inferno. If inferno is really going to be as hard as it's being touted as, I don't want to have to go into the fray like some of the other classes have to. Not to mention that the WD isn't lacking in damage output either, so it looks like WD will be pretty good in inferno. I'm kinda also interested in the barb but the repair costs and/or likelihood of death being in melee range for inferno... erks me a bit lol.

Oh and I also love corpse spiders lol.

I like having minions.
Control, plain and simple. In pve and pvp i want to dictate where and when the fighting happens and how long it takes.

I'll admit the decision was largely pvp based, because i think a WD build that takes a nuke a DoT(mainly to pick out the wizards damn clones) spirit walk and the 3 control spells of your choice will be damn near impossible for all but a DH to beat, possibly a wizard.

A WD with all control spells save a DoT or two in a 2vs2 team? Unstoppable.
It's the most unique class. I was initially turned off by it but for some reason just became infatuated. I like the diversity of spells and can already easily see 3 very different ways to play this class. I also enjoy playing a utility/support role as well and the WD has many CC skills/buffs/debuffs that will help any group, while also being able to dish out single target and AOE damage. It's kind of the best of both worlds for me.

I have no desire to play Monk or Demon Hunter. My second class will be a Barbarian, and I might dabble with the Wizard.
Actually the witch doctor has a lot of synergy talents. He has ways to regain mana life pets for tanking/damage cc abilities heck even some up close melee range attacks. He's highly mobile but he's really fire and forget with most of his abilieis. This means i can deal good damage with multiple abilities all while focusing on just a few so its both more and less micro management. You can even make builds that do incredibly massive damage using no primary attacks and never go oom or even see your bubble move. I've gone over it yesterday on another thread but you can easily get 200 mana per second between inferno mode affixes and a few runes that makes this guy never need to worry about mana while keeping defenses very high and mobility extremely effecient.
you use a giant toad. nuff said.
Great play-style, creative visuals, fantastic utility. Plus, having my enemies die by a million spider bites tickles me to no end. Really, I played every class in the beta, and the Witch Doctor was the one I enjoyed the most, followed closely by the Barbarian.
Just some advice for people choosing the WD.

I almost wish it was a Rick Roll instead.
I'm going to try a mass summoner build and see what happens. When champions and rares appear, summon fetishes to bring more chaos and crank up the voodoo also, while spamming 1 or 2 attack skills.
I want to say that the witchdoctor is the most mobile... Unlike all the other classes, the witchdoctor has plenty of DoT's which lets him deal damage while on the run. For instance, the spell haunt deals damage over 15 seconds and if an enemy dies, the spell can jump to another target. Because of this, you don't need to be in the fray at all, all you have to do is pop a couple DoTs and run back to safety while your enemies bleed to death.

All of the other classes may be able to move faster than the WD, but for them to actually deal considerible damage they have to stop and attack. The only thing I might consider close to as effective hit-and-run is spells like the wizard's metor which have a delayed attack, but those are much more difficult to conect with as you have to anticipate where the enemy will be.

You won't see that many good WD's that all out empty their mana pools in one spot(unless they are using firebats) unlike a wizard would do, more than likly he'll do a DoT here and there, fall back, and mop them up once the DoT has done enough damage.
Cool aesthetics, a massive array of crowd control spells, really entertaining attack animations (I still crack up when watching the Wall of Zombies teaser), and high damage potential. The DoT playstyle is one I've really enjoyed, and I can't wait to get some Locusts up in this B.

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