Balanced Build (help me pick it apart)

Witch Doctor
Here is my build,!dZW!cZZYZY

Reasoning behind this build as it's obvious is to rely on pets and dots so i can get better positioning during the fights. The problem I've seen with the other builds posted here is people select multiple skills that require constant use which makes it harder to effectively use them in the right way while still avoid direct damage and kiting. So i use pets as a sustained damage dealers and tanking presence.

Here are things to note on the build:
-I can literally spam Plague of Toads (no mana cost)
-Fetish Army cool down is 90 seconds instead of 120
-Locust swarm returns 37 mana of the 196 used
-Spirit Walk for the best defensive ability while returning 30% of my mana in those 2 seconds
-Pierce the Veil a very key passive ability for this build (damage increases 20% mana cost increases by 30%

MY biggest concern is i still can not tell if my single target dps is gonna be bad, or if with the pets + Locust Swarm and spamming Toads will suffice.

Please reasonable comments only.
I thought that was

What would u replace/add as min skill? would Firebomb work better in that case?
1 - Dont expect SZD to summon 4 dogs at a time since nothing in ZH skill description says so.

Not sure where this rumor got started, but it would just be silly if that was the case.

Anyways going back to the build. Like minotaus above said, one draw back is no real ranged attack. Frogs and locusts both seemed to be mid range spells. You could go with dart/spiders and locusts or frogs and acid rain to keep short and long range.

Other than that it looks ok. Again, by the time all those runes unlock you might need more health regen. I can't picture myself using anything but leeching rune for the dogs at top level. That way you can count on the dogs to give you more protection. That way you might not need CC (assuming you're playing solo) and you'll be fine with just escape skill.

I guess we won;t know about mana regen untill we get to play with high level gear, but that might be ok with the attck and escape both restoring mana.

Here's my current version of the summoner build:!gdX!bcabcZ
You guys are right i had noticed Toads was almost melee range, so yea i'd change the Toads for Spiders.

@ Grashnak your build is centered a lot on hp recovery, and mine on mana lol at the end it all will depend on the gear and the !@#$ we're fighting too hard to select the perfect build now
You only do poison damage, you want variety here, some mobs will have high poison resist
You have a mana leach, but I prefer Honored Guest w/ Spiritual Attunement passive, otherwise BBV-Rain Dance is a better choice
You have no health/healing leach which I think is important

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