Did you request off work the 15th?

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Or the week of the 15th?

Yes or no and then tell us what exactly you told your boss or if you work somewhere where all you did was request it off on a calender of some sort.

Finally, tell us if you got it off, if you still have to work, or if it's still pending.

Me personally? I called my boss this evening and said "I was wondering if you could get one of the other guys to cover for me next Tuesday, I have an important, once in a lifetime family event going on that day". Which isn't entirely a lie because me AND my parents will all be playing that afternoon/evening.

Anyhow, he told me to text him tomorrow so he would ask a couple others if they could cover for me, so it's still pending.

I'll post here again tomorrow with the outcome! :P

Update: I totally got the 15th off! :D
Takin the week off. Fire falling from the sky. Gotta take care of bidness.
2 weeks, Dad's the boss XD FTW.
No. I got fired instead. Works out well :D
I had to take the whole week off. Much like Bodach, I didn't feel I could save the whole world (universe? dimension? who knows...) in just a day...
Hey boss my family is coming into town.

And well it is kinda true, will be playing with my cousin come launch night at 12:01.
In Eve-Online my corporation (think guild) had a big important call to arms scheduled and since they were mostly Australians it was during my workday. I asked for a personal day off. My boss asked "what for?"

My reply: "It's personal."

I got that day off.

I'm not planning to take off any days for launch. I hate to ditch work for what could be one big buggy day that gets rolled back.
To be honest, I'm unemployed as of right now. So yes... I'm off.
05/07/2012 08:57 PMPosted by VipeNess
To be honest, I'm unemployed as of right now. So yes... I'm off.

lol I was unemployed when D2 launched. It ruled.

But, don't get too used to it.
Yes - one week
I'm pretty damn lucky to have a job that I could request Tuesday through Friday off work.

I'm geeking out like you can't believe right now.
Took the 15th and 16th off.
OP is playing games on launch day with his parents... I feel old.

I haven't planned on taking a day off but it just may happen.
A true hard core would have given his 2 weeks on the 1st
Got a 1 week paid vacation approved.
1 day off and laptop comin to work after.

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