Did you request off work the 15th?

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Hell yeah, got a week and a half of paid vacation off at work.
10 days off
I'm calling in sick on the 15th to play all day and fortunately I'm a Systems Admin so I can actually play the game at work any time I want!
Yeah i took the whole week off. I have 20 something days of leave so i turned in the request to my sgt and told him straight up its to play D3 for a week and it still got approved =)
Just submitted my time-off request today. I work at a public library, and getting time off isn't usually a big deal if you have the required amount of banked benefit time. I just hope the servers aren't gonna be wacky all day.

See you all at release!
Still in college, only 1 class on tuesday and wednesdays, however, I won't skip class the 15th. If anything's bugged or servers go down for whatever reason I don't want to feel like I missed class for nothing.
there is no way I will miss out on money just to play a video game...
I have a friend who's an IT guy and he put in for PTO, he got a text from his boss (yeah his boss text him) that read "your request for paid time off on: May 15th through May 18th has been approved. P.S. Have fun vanquishing the demons of hell, see you on the battlefeild!"
I reserved the entire week off the exact same day the launch date was confirmed! Hoo rah!
Senior in high school, FInals soon :(.
But it won't stop me from playing :D
No class on the 15th, the 16th is my last day so I think I should go to that.
well i requested 1 week off. i got it =] i run a jewelry business, making fine silver / gold jewelry i only have to work 1-2 hours a day.... soooooooo daiblo 3 will take up every waking hour of my life except about 1-2.

woohoo =D
Unfortunately being a self employed contractor i cant always say no to work. A customer needs me do their job starting monday 14th. Im just going to work 2 stupid long days and get it done.
Ill be taking the rest of the week off. Launch day will be the 16th for me, but 5 day weekend for me after that.
i told my boss, man i need 14-15-16 work off, cuz i gonna play diablo 3
he said, me too LOL
Im using my comp time since we earn a hour and a half of comp time for every hour of over time. Hard to beat county benifits :D
In the military... no days sick days/days called off.... ever :(
I got off the 15th 16th and 17th so I got about three days to kill some demons before going back to work.
I'd really love to take some time off to play D3, but I've already used up much of my allotted vacation time moving into my sweet new house. So no...I'll be working all week and probably Saturday.

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