Witch Doctor Hardcore Gold Farming Builds?

Witch Doctor
Share yours if you plan to use your Witch Doctor to farm Hardcore.

Which Class/Build do you feel might be better at it?

Here's a level 36 build which I think is pretty good. Has a dps/aoe(firebomb), a dot/heal(haunt), a nuke(spirit barrage), a utility(Hex, +dmg), and a tank summon(gargantuan).

Note, I didn't use zombie dogs because I really don't think they will be reliable, instead this build trys to keep you outside of harms way as much as possible. A major component of this build is to use haunt to for it's long length DoT, after you cast haunt, you can do two options, use your single target nuke, spirit barrage, or aoe dps firebomb.

1.) If you are going to use firebomb, you might as well pop out hex as well, as you'll be consuming less mana and it synergizes with haunt/firebomb very well with it's +20% aditional damage rune.

2) If you are going spirit barrage, pick off targets 1 by 1 while haunt does it's job. That's pretty much it. Your passives should let you cast it quite often.

Spirit walk is basically a utility spell to make sure you don't overextend yourself, if you do, cast it up, and run back to a safer spot. You might think this build is lacking in the defensive department, but I feel like the WD doesn't fair very well here, but if you insist and on adding another spell, drop hex and add horrify or mass confusion.

Gargatuan is basically in there as a more reliable form of a damage soaker instead of your dogs, just pop up gargantuan and you should be able to deal some good damage while it's taking your hits for you.

If you're playing it safe(which I think you would want to in HC), this should be a good build but shouldn't be that hard to kill mobs either.
Why would you farm 'gold' on hardcore? You don't have access to the auction house.
Hardcore has access to auction house, in Hardcore the auction house is not for real money but gold only auction house.
That said you also need gold to unlock stash slots and lvl up your craftsmen because that progress and whatever is in the stash doesnt get lost when ur character dies.

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