Thoughts on this build?

Witch Doctor
I'm trying to find a balance between single target, AoE and CC. Trying to figure out what I'm going to go into Inferno with. Any thoughts on this build?!bYT!YaZZaZ

Thanks in advance!
Anyone? Thoughts?

Looks to be a good build.
Good AoE, that covers a lot of ground: Acid Rain
Soft CC: Gargantuan, GotD, to a lesser degree Zdogs from Devolution.
Hard CC: Confusion.
Single Target DPS (see Bosses): Haunt [Resentful Spirit]

And a flexible ability Firebomb that can be adapted for more single target with [Pyrogeist] like you have, or much better AoE with [Ghost Bomb].

That aside, foreseeable problems with this build:
-Lack of a heal outside health globes. I realize Grave Injustice is supposed to help with that, but you can't necessarily rely on that for healing. Blood Ritual might help.
-Hard CC that is on a long CD (Edit: with no escape ability to compensate)
-Dogs will be weak with literally no synergies to help them.
-Restless Giant is a brief buff (15 seconds) and may not be in line with big stinker's 15% AoE DPS

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