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Nothing is transferring over. This is a thank you for all those who helped Blizzard fix bugs, whether minor or serious, and it's a thank you. It's not going to affect their Battle.net score. Want to know what a feat of strength is? Here: http://www.starcraft-source.com/achievement/category/view/?id=25

Those are some that are in Starcraft 2. There are also a couple in WoW, and then there are some for going to BlizzCon. If you think about it, all the closed-beta testers are getting is recognition for their help and some pixels which will most likely be somewhat cool but I bet there will be cooler ones to use for your banner. Because lets face it, the main (big design) is the class design (monk/wizard/demon hunter/barbarian/witch doctor) and then there is the Sigil (which is what the closed-beta testers are getting) and it is tiny, it is found underneath (default) the main symbol.

The closed-beta testers are getting pixels and an easily recognizable thank you. Big whoop.

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