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The Beta closed Beta wasn't a present. Even though it was super fun. It was a Beta, which meant helping Blizzard figuring out it's software bugs and systems weaknesses. I didn't got a closed beta invite, only got the oportunity to play during the open beta event. But I do approve this as a "reward" for people who helped solving the those bugs, weaknesses and even gave a ton of constructive feedback towards making D3 a better game. Grats to whoever got it.

P.S. Also /flamesuit up!!!! I imagine this thread is going to be a Lava pool really....
05/09/2012 09:18 AMPosted by Matthew
I'm not jealous, but isn't this just more salt in the wounds for those who would have loved to play and test the beta but were not invited in? Seems like 'rewarding' them is misguided since they've already had a great priviledge that most nerds here would have died for

Except that most people look at betas as a preview of the game and really don't do any testing. They get in to a beta and play through it then quit. They offer no feedback regarding any errors they may have run into and then tout around rubbing their beta invitation in the faces of others who didn't get in.
05/09/2012 09:14 AMPosted by Rulis
I'm seriously considering quiting Diablo 3 right now. I've already purchased the Steel Series headset, mouse and pad, digital pre-release and ordered the CE. But this is making me rage so hard. 8 months deperately wanting to get in the beta. Participating in all the giveaways and not wining a single key. Seriously WTF!

Let me translate this for everyone.

"RAGE! I don't get digital goods! MAKE ME ANGRY! I bought lots of stuff with my hard earned money that Blizzard doesn't even know! They don't even know! Seriously OMGWTF! RAGE RAGE RAGE RAGE. How dare they not spoil me! Mom where the heck is my bottle and binky I'm going to take a nap! MOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!"

No but seriously man I'm just playing. I'll tell you what come join one of my runs and I'll let you look at my sick banner I got for free due to the fact I was invited. Maybe I'll let you touch it. Sounds good, no?
Usually this sort of thing I don't care about, but it's a little annoying that blizzard said nothing would transfer over for participating in the Beta. Now the "Lucky Ones" get a feat of strength...okay...
Wow! That is awesome, a way to show we were in closed beta so that we can remember it and show people.
In celebration of a successful beta test, all players who were invited to participate in the Diablo III closed beta will receive the commemorative Feat of Strength, "One of the Chosen." For eligible players, this feat will appear automatically in the Feat of Strength list after logging in for the first time as well as unlock a unique sigil that can be used on character banners.

In order to be eligible for "One of the Chosen," you must have had a Diablo III closed beta license attached to your Battle.net account (it isn't necessary to have downloaded or logged into the beta itself). Please note that players who participated only in the Open Beta Weekend, but were not invited to the closed beta, will not receive this Feat of Strength.

Thank you once again to all of our beta participants. We look forward to seeing you in Sanctuary!

Blizzard delivers again on the awesome! People were begging for a Feat of Strength achievement from the beta, and we got it. No complaints here. :D
Grats closed-beta testers. Thanks for helping the final result to be what Im sure will be a MUCH better game for your testing. I would've love to help myself, but glad to see Blizzard is rewarding those to did have the chance.
blizzard said nothing would transfer over for participating in the Beta

Nothing is transferring over.... It's something brand new.
me too i would have religiously participated on it should you have invited me..
but anyway.. congrats to those who participated... and better luck next time to those who were not invited like me... :D
YAY!!!!!! Glad to help!! Betamax twice :D Thanks for giving something small to us all :)
05/09/2012 09:08 AMPosted by Rulis
I tried really hard for 8 months to get in the closed beta. There shouldn't bee anything from beta carried over unless everyone had the same opprtunity to participate.

That's why it's a feat of strength, they are not intended to be gained by everyone. Like in WoW and Starcraft II, they are once in a life time achievements that eventually can no longer be obtained.
I wonder if Blizzard has a weekly meeting to discuss how best to piss off their customer base this week.

I can just picture one of those meetings:

"You know what would really piss them off? more wallpapers"
"AHAHAHAHAH YES let's do it!"

"Oh and let's tell them nothing from the beta will transfer over but then.. ACTUALLY give them a feat of strength. Wouldn't that be hilarious?"
"Yes! make it so!"
No no no no non o no no no... This is one of the most idotic things you could have done..

Sure i will get it but i would have been so mad if i was not invited to the closed beta. There is a reason beta and retail should be separate.
I'm mad with POWAH!!! Muhahahah...
Rename it Feat of Luck. jesus christ, you can't get an achievement where you didn't affected anything.
This is awesome news.

*hugs Lylirra*
So those of us who got the CE and into closed beta will have 2 feats of strength right from the start. Leet
Wow, complete jerk move.

It's something we had no control over and should have no special reward for. Playing the beta was enough reward, and this is simply unfair to everyone who didn't win that particular lottery.

More disturbingly, this sets a precedent for future exclusive in-game rewards that can't be achieved through normal means "just because".

I agree somewhat, as it almost seems like slap in the face after going on about how everything should be attainable, but at the same time it's not an in-game achievement. They listened to the crying of people who wanted achievements for playing in the beta - this is their compromise, and I don't think it's a new move (I may be wrong, but didn't they do it with SC recently)

You think this is going to stir things up, wait until the people that didn't get the CE find out about the one you get from that!

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