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Greetings, all.

As the countdown to launch continues, I would like to formally extend an invitation to those still looking for a small guild experience for Diablo 3. The Anointed guild was recently launched with the hope that it will develop into a small, tight-knit community of players. Our focus and vision is simply to enjoy the game with enjoyable people. The rest of the possibilities of a fresh guild start is up to the talented players that will hopefully call this guild their home.

Our start will be cooperative play in softcore mode, but will eventually entail both hardcore mode and arena events. If there are any questions not answered by this post or the website, feel free to ask in this thread. Thank you.

Name: The Anointed
Location: US East and West Coast (America server)
Primary: Cooperative Softcore; Secondary: Cooperative Hardcore and Arena

More information can be found at:
The Anointed is starting to grow but we need more like minded people that want to play with trusted guild members instead of PUG's where everyone has their own agenda.

More information can be found at:

Although skill is good, we would rather have mature casual gamers than abusive, talented people. Our primary concern in possible members [and current members] is activity, dedication, and a good attitude in the guild. In a word, we expect our members to be mature.

Don't forget to drop by our forums so we can get to know you as we all prepare for the gates of hell to open.
Just registered... like what I had to read and look forward to playing with you all and seeing if we work well together. See you soon!

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