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Simple enough, what books and comics are you currently working through? Would you recommend them? I'll start!


Catching up on the latest The Walking Dead (issues 91-96) and just started The New Avengers Vol. 1. TWD is a must read, especially if you like the show. This particular run of The Avengers is written by my favorite comic writer, Brian Michael Bendis., and is a nice take off point if you just got into the characters from the movie. It starts off with the reassembling of the group after a catastrophic event in the Marvel universe, and is full of fun action.


Space Chronicles - Neil Degrasse Tsyon. A look into the history of space exploration, why it matters, and why we need to continue doing it. NDT can write about anything and make it humourous and interesting, and this is no exception. The prologue is a little long winded about the history of Nasa, but he puts a ton of fun little side things in to get you through it and to the meat of the book.

Grave Peril, book 3 of The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher. If you haven't heard of this series yet you should definitely check it out. It's about a freelance detective/wizard in Chicago that investigates all sorts of paranormal cases. Zombies, dark wizards, werewolves, ghosts, anything you can name, he deals with 'em. Jim Butcher has a great noir feel going to with this series, and he can write action better than anyone I've ever read. Seriously, his fight scenes are better than most movies. Harry Dresden is also a perfect mix of chaeuvanistic cynic and good guy that makes him so lovable that you can't help but pull for him like he's a close friend.

So share away!
People still read? No way!

Hi there.

I've been meaning to get into The Walking Dead, both the TV series and comics, for a while now. I've heard it's good. The Dresden Files, from your description, sounds right up my alley. It sounds a bit like Supernatural except he's a wizard cop? That's awesome!

My current readings aren't all that exciting. Currently re-reading Lord of the Rings. Also waiting for my order of "A Song of Ice and Fire" series to be delivered so I can get stuck in. After tuning into Game of Thrones, I was instantly hooked. Although I have been putting off reading the books, mainly because I like not knowing what will happen next. Once they arrive though, I will definitely read the first two, when time permits of course.

As for other genres, I do enjoy reading about true exploits of Special Forces soldiers. Eg. Bravo Two Zero, those types. Oh and the Dexter books are very entertaining. A considerate serial killer! Who would have thought!
I have been reading the Horus heresy novels I am a wahammer 40k nut.
I have been reading "A song of Ice and Fire". It is just a fantastic series. Currently on A Feast for Crows and have been enjoying every page of it so far.
Sherlock Holmes

Reading "The Scarlet Letter". I just got the complete works, and i'm reading them all.

Also reading some Manga, Initial D. Its a driving anime/manga.
I loved watching the show, and would highly reccomend it. Its up on Netflix or on Youtube. Watch the 1st 2 episodes, you'll enjoy it.
I really want to read...

I read like crazy back in my primary school / high school years, so much so that I was famous for being a kind of bookwork.

Numerous times I've bought books on my iPad to gather up the attention to read - but to no avail.

What's my problem? Has the internet ruined me :(

Halfway through sentences these days I'll just skim the rest of the passage because it's so boring.

Just finished "city" by Clifford D Simak.

right now im working through the gaunt's ghosts series
05/10/2012 09:10 AMPosted by Bloodfrenzy
I have been reading the Horus heresy novels I am a wahammer 40k nut.
I can't say, brother.

I need to finish three more Diablo novels one last time before D3 launches (and try do a crunch out book reviews for all 8 books): The Black Road, Kingdom of Shadows, and Moon of the Spider.
The Keeper of Swords series by Nick Perumov. Unfortunately I don't know Russian, so I'm stuck with a rather unimpressive translation.
Comics: Sandman by Neil Gaiman. (I'm on Issue #69 out of 75.) Then either Transmetropolitan or The Walking Dead.

Novels: 'Neverwhere' by Neil Gaiman (again.) Next, either 'Thank You For Smoking' by Christopher Buckley, or 'Little, Big' by John Crowley.

Non-Fiction: 'Great Shark Hunt' by Hunter S. Thompson.
I just finished rereading American Gods by Neil Gaiman and now I'm reading the Wool Omnibus by Hugh Howey, which is turning out to be pretty awesome.
I just finished reading Calico Joe by John Grisham. Very good read especially if you are a baseball fan.

Slowly re-reading a Song of Fire and Ice.
Great thread!
My girlfriend's teaching a class on Paradise Lost this summer so reading that. I get kicks out of calling it an "epic" poem. Before that I was reading The Magician's Nephew from the Narnia series.

Last comic I read was Black Orchid by Gaiman/McKean. Great stuff.

Lotta Gaiman on here it looks like.
Waiting on The Winds of Winter.

Also meaning to go back and finish up the Wheel of Time series someday.
Neil Strauss' "The Game" and "Rules of the Game"
Just starting book 9 of "The Wheel of Time".

Honestly, these books have gotten... bloated. It's a little rough to keep going. Still, I can't stop because when it is good, it's the best.

I might actually use D3 as a break from the reading :D
nice i read those wheel of time books several years ago and i agree they get difficult to follow but the last one i read was excellent. currently i am catching up on my stephen king books 11/22/63 but i just finished Bersekers: The Beggining by Fred Saberhagen
Old collection of Savage Sword of Conan.... So tough and cool. I love the Lore of Robert E. Howard. The black and white good old sex and violence.

Also just read an old trade of JLA tower of babel... where Batman acts all paranoid... Really cool story.

Thinking about picking with Green Lantern this week. The covers look great. Now that Geoff Johns is touching back some villians and drama from blackest night and brightest day im intrigued and want to check it out... any good?

Scott Snyder's run on Batman is awesome.
Chris Samnee and Mark Waid on Daredevil are fantastic.
Just starting book 9 of "The Wheel of Time". Honestly, these books have gotten... bloated. It's a little rough to keep going. Still, I can't stop because when it is good, it's the best.I might actually use D3 as a break from the reading :D

Okay Book 9 is REALLY GOOD! Its one of my favorites a few major plot events happen in it its equivilent to Books 4-6 in my opinion (which is arguably the best of the series, almost everyones fav are one of those three). I warn you however Book 10 is the crucible, it tests ALL WoT fans, if you can get through book 10 and continue you're Golden a Book 11 is good, and the Brandon Sanderson books are fast paced and exciting. Just goot luck with Crossroads of Twillight...
Now that the game has gone live, all im reading is the people raging up the tech forums because they cant log on. It is truly entertaining reading, even if the gammar is not that good. :P

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