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I am worried about what happens to one's character when their internet connection is lost briefly.

My connection will sometimes cut out and say "limited access". At this point I still have good reception to the router but internet connection is lost. If I click "troubleshoot problems" windows will restart the network card then everything is fine again. The other computers in my house maintain a connection but none of them have hardware that can handle D3.

I have turned off the power saving feature for the network card. Turned off "automatically detect settings". Updated drivers. I've tried a host of other things suggested by Microsoft but nothing works.

Since I just have to live with this issue... Will my character be killed by whatever mobs I am fighting when I loose connection? Thanks for any help.
You don't log out instantly. I believe you'll still be in the game for at least 10 seconds (the normal log out time), before you get booted, and that's at least that amount of time, it could take longer to boot you. If you have problems like that, I would suggest you avoid hardcore mode.
Thanks Smrg,

Yea I figured HC was out of the question. Its a shame really. I was interested to try out HC after getting the hang of SC mode.
How many devices to you have hooked up to the router? Are you using Wi-Fi? sometimes when to many devices are enabled you can get a IP address conflict which will shut off internet to one device. I had to go in a assign a IP address to every device.
Hmmm good call. There are 4 computers and an Ipad that use the Wifi in our house. Iphones and Droids also use it from time to time.

Its strange that none of the other devices ever loose their connection though. Just my laptop.

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