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I went into the folder and change agent.db somehow by Right clicking on it and "Open with---> notepad." and it changed into a notepad file. I realized my mistake and changed into shell32.dll file from windows/system32. Now it's icon shows a page with a square box on it and not the normal "gears" look.

And now when i double click on agent.db it says it is not a valid Win32 application.

But the Diablo 3 (prepurchased) setup does work and it goes straight to the diablo 3 installer with no issues.

my question is:
1. Do i have to "fix" the agent.db file? if so how can I do this?

2. Can i still install and play diablo 3 without any issues of the agent.db file???

Why would you ever need to double click on the agent.db file?

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I was stuck at the "updating files" part like many others. So i was trying everything to get it to work. One of the blizzard forums told me to change it into a notepad type file and disable p2p.

Whatever the case, the "updating files" part finished and now i have changed agent.db file.

Could someone answer my question please? Can I install the game without any issues?
You shouldn't have any problems.

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