Collector's Edition Does Not Get Notepad!

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Thread full of people mad they don't have better jobs than the people with CEs.
Who writes notes down on paper these days anyway? Digital auto organization FTW.

oh and 'ctrl + f'

but in all seriousness, i actually don't care, though the way the OP presented his post was funny
A note pad?

Who freakin cares about a stupid notepad!!!!!!!!!

I have 1 in my desk drawer and 1 on my fridge

I got a collecters addition because I am better than all of you, and combined with my closed Beta feat of strenght, I am so much more extreamly better and also more physically attractive than the rest of you- obviously

Don't mind the spelling and grammer errors either,because of my greatness that is now how those words are spelled.

Chuck Norris would disagree with you.
im wandering why it came with a notepad... will i need it?
A shrink-wrapped unredeeemed keys vanilla WoW CE goes for over $2,000 Usd on eBay. Those were not reselling for nearlly 100% mark up on eBay on launch day. In fact I remember my local GameStop having Multiple copies sitting on the shelf over a month after that launched. Get at me at xmas when d3 CE are pushing $400 - $500 with this nonsense. If you are going to resell do it then. *wink*

That is all I'm going to say.

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