I'm from the states; anyone want to group?

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Anyone interested? :D leave a response
I don't think I'd post my email on an open forum.
Unless you like sorting through !@#$/ED drug spam...
What kind of playstyle will you have when the game launches?
Straight to 60, or taking time to explore?
- Also interested in grouping

(I prefer a slower play style taking time to both get immersed and exploring as well as taking time to try different setups)

I hate it when people rush on ahead!
I'll be grouping as much as I can after I finish normal. I'm WAY too paranoid about my first playthrough as I fear if I group someone will close a dialog or something before it finishes and I'll miss part of the story, I want to explore everywhere and see all the lore.

Also upside of battletags is you no longer need to post your email on the forums to get contacted ingame, can just post your battletag and people can add you.
am interested in grouping.

i also like taking my time to explore and cracking open ever barrel lol
I'll be exploring and collecting all the lore. There's no point in rushing to 60 since there's no feat of strength for doing so ;)

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