Can´t create account, e-mail address in use ?

Technical Support
Hi, i tried to create an account with my e-mail address which i am using for more then 20 years now, but the account creation center says it is already in use.

I can not remember ever having created one. I tried the password retrieving option and entered any name i could think of from john smith to my real name (who can guess) - nothing.

I finally decided to create a new e-mail address in another country (I am in more then one) and got lucky with the beta invite, otherwise I would not be able to write here. Am trying this once in a while for years through the website, which gives only like 5 options and none actually if you have only your address.

Is there any way to retrieve it or to delete it, so that I may register and not have somebody else use it or just block it ?



ps: and pls don´t delete this one, i need the other one deleted ;).

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