Computer Crashes With CD In Drive

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As title states, my computer shuts down when a CD is put into the drive. Trying to find the source of the problem.

I was thinking maybe its the PSU, it's a 480W PSU and my graphics card recommends 450W.. any thoughts? ( Radeon 6770 )

My System Specs

Operating System:
CPU Type:
AMD Phenom(tm) II X4 965 Processor
CPU Speed:
3.42 GHz
System Memory:
4 GB
Video Card Model:
AMD Radeon HD 6700 Series
Video Card Memory:
2.74 GB
Video Card Driver:
Desktop Resolution:
Hard Disk Size:
465.66 GB
Hard Disk Free Space:
294.08 GB (63%)
Download Speed:
1.47 MB/s (12.4 mbps)
Good 450w quality psu can hold your system easily. If it is prob with PSU it is not reason of 480w it is reason of bad quality PSU.
My system of HD5850 , P2 965 3.8ghz ..hold well with 500w cft psu for like 2 years....

Simple ...your system cant use more then 300w in full stress usage....your card wont use more then 90-105w, psu with all 4 cored under full stress use 140w , but u will never get 100% cores under work cause no game will use it ,in standard gaming Pll 965 spend like 80w u so u cant get cpu to use more then 100w ever exept cpu stress poit is that 450w is enough for ur system, for quality of psu i cant coment...

My rlf have" thermal take" 400w used by HD4870, I3 550 , X2 HDD for a coule of yers by now...and it is working well...It all depend on psu quality , it might be that your psu has 270w effectively(due to low +12V rail) , so it might be a problem...

Can u take a look how much power it has on +12V rail and let me know

Oh btw, ur CPU have cool and quet mode, so it wont use more then 16w while burning discks or doing low process app, and HD6770 have " power play " mode so it wont use more then 20w while in 2D mode, which is everything but playing games..

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