single target vs aoe

why do so many ppl say you need single target attacks? whats the big difference between using an aoe attack on 1 guy... vs a single target attack on 1 guy??

by replacing a single target attack you could have more options for other skills or defensively or mobility...

explain please!
You might not need both a single target and an aoe skill, but it will be much harder killing a boss with an aoe skill than if you have good single target damage.

Hammer of the Ancients and Seismic Slam are good examples. Say you have a pool of 120 fury and you are just doing damage to one mob.
Seismic Slam hits 4 times for 155% weapon damage = 620%
HotA hits 6 times for 200% weapon damage = 1200%

So you're looking at about double the damage for the same amount of fury. There really isn't any defensive or utility skill to make up that big of a difference.
HOTA is 270 glyphed if you are using it as a single target no reason not to glyph.
The barbarian is in a good place for this. The difference between his single target damaging abilities and area effect abilities are small (relatively anyway).

But there is a difference and that ammount will add up especially when you consider he may have other abilities boosting his damage. 154% damage from cleave is not the same as 194% from bash. Killing that boss or champion 25-30% faster may be just enough to let you survive.

There is also another reason you may want single attacks over area - and that is if you take the passive brawler. You can use it as a means to kill your actual target much faster by ignoring the enemies that aren't as important.

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