Feedback on my build please


Basically I loved cleave in the beta, and rupture was awesome but i think that it might lack that umph required for late game, so runed it with broad sweep to get constant better damage,

Seismic slam, basically i want to be spamming this as much as possible to destroy everything, runed for additional after shock damage, might try stun or cheaper fury cost.

leap to generate fury and stun groups as I leap in, revenge because it's amazing, runed to heal and give fury so i can keep spamming seismic slam

battle rage 30% extra damage, hard to pass up ,and with inspiring presesence, means light regeneration as well, and decent duration.

and Wotb with insanity rune and bukathos passive to mess people up every 90 seconds, also considering earth quake with mountains call passive to mess people up every 75 seconds.

weapon master using a mighty weapon for constant fury generation


cleave broad sweep
seismic slam, rumble
leap, death from above
revenge, vengence is mine
battle rage, maruders wrath
wrath of the beserker, insanity

boon of bul-kathos, inspiring presesnce, weapon master

always use a mighty weapon, spam seismic slam alot.
you are only getting 33% effectiveness out of boon an inspiring presence. seems like a waste of a passive slot if when each of them are only affecting 1 spell.

i could see this build maybe doing OK through nightmare, but revenge is your only defensive/healing ability.

basically i say tweak your passives and you should be OK. take a look at bloodthirst, animosity, brawler, nerves of steel, etc.

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