SMS setup, texting. (Small issue)

Technical Support
I recently setup my phone to receive texts and setup my account with the SMS alerts.

My issue is that my phone costs 20 cents per text received or sent.

I setup my account, received the confirmation number and everything was good to go.

The issue is that after everything was done, it sent me a second text message saying, congratulations, you are now setup for SMS -Blizzard. This is unnecessary because in my account I can see it went through ok.

So this cost me 20 cents. (Not a big deal, but sort of useless)
at least you can use that service my phone number will not go through i keep getting the error "Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) numbers cannot be used for this service. Please enter a different mobile telephone number and try again." i called at&t and had them go through my phone and they do not see why its flagged this way

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