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Those aspiring authors in the crowd, those published in minor or major works, anyone who has ever thought of a story once upon a time, welcome to the collaboration thread!

Here, we can share our ideas and stories, and critique work if we have some to be judged. Constructive criticism only, please! Etiquette is a must for civility's sake.

This is also a great place to recommend books that you think others would benefit from or enjoy reading. Novels, biographies and essays welcome!
It would be an interesting idea... however, it seems there are very few writers in here...
I am a novelist looking for some info regarding writing a book for the Diablo 3 realm. I have started fan fiction story at the link

It is under the name: WAR: All Us Scoundrels, chapters 1-3 so far.

I write other novels full time and did this one on the side, it has found a following.

Eric Mac

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