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You know the option that let's you hear stuff when you are alt-tabed
What I mean is this.

if there is such an option how do you enable it? I really like sound in BG so I can alt tab and still be somewhat aware.
I would most definitely like to find that option. Diablo 3 music fits so well with all the pain, suffering and misery at work.
I run with multiple monitors and I'm always switching between applications. I use the time during quest text to do other things. But without sound in the background, I basically am stuck playing Diablo 3 and nothing else. Please provide a "sound in the background" checkbox in the audio options.
<----- Another dual monitor user who needs this to be added to the options menu!

I mean common, even WOT has it.

Seriously, intermittent sound / music is making me nuts
Another multiple monitor user here, want to check that box.
The General Discussion forum is the best place to make suggestions for features to be added.


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