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Here is the current situation for players from the ASIA region:

-Everybody with the digital version is getting "Error 12- No license attached".
-In Korea, GMs have a thread going to manually flag digital accounts to allow them to play. Currently, there is no other way for Digital Edition players to play and they have to wait for the GMs to flag the account one by one.
-In Taiwan, there are no GMs around to flag accounts.

Hope this doesn't affect the EU and NA accounts when the time comes. We're over 7 hour into the ASIA launch, and most people can't get in.

You can always check here for server status:

UPDATE: Asia server shutting down in 10 minutes (~2:20PM PDT)

UPDATE 2: Asia server is now down.

UPDATE 3: Servers are back up. But Error 12 has not been fixed.

UPDATE 4: Servers are down once more.

UPDATE 5: Servers are back up. Error 12 has still not been fixed.

UPDATE 6: EU has launched and many are experiencing "Error 37" which basically means the login servers are over capacity, which is expected. There are a few receiving "Error 75 temp outage of BNET" as well.

UPDATE 7: EU is now completely offline

UPDATE 8: EU has been up for several minutes now. Lots of people getting in. Some are still getting Error 37, but keep trying.
Interesting... wonder if the EU servers will have the same issue.
i didnt receive my box yet so i am still on my 1 years digital game plz flag me now so we dont have to wait later at american release plz lol
And here I was trying to help someone because I was thinking they were trying to access Asia servers when they might have been part of the Southeast Asia region which is part of the NA server launch.

Thanks for this update and letting us know that its a known issue.
Imagine the amount of QQ these forums would have if we were given the game before asia.
All you complainers: "Deh play before meh!" Well they can test the broken launch (sorry dudes). Hopefully they work it out by tonight.
05/14/2012 01:19 PMPosted by gladiatorpi
Sweet, they get to fix everything before they launch our servers :)

This. That sucks that some aren't able to play atm, but I thank you for being test subjects to maybe help our release go a little smoother.
Hopefully its just an Asia thing.
just check it myself, the amount of QQ on their forum is overwhelming

hopefully Blizzard will fix the issues for us
This will all be fixed when global play goes live. Which is the same time US server go live.
This will all be fixed when global play goes live. Which is the same time US server go live.

Im kindof thinking this as well.. but its a major DERP on blizz part
I to am getting error 12.
I already agreed to the tos and all that jaz after logging in.
Hopfully they can resolve this before tomorrow, Unfortunatly the game does not really go live in my timezone till 3AM (which is bullsh*t, cuz asia didnt have to wait on US time zones, but us has to wait on other time zones.)
I better not have this problem tomorrow on my day off!!!
Glad I bought a physical copy if this is true.
And now, today's audio daily double. Name this continent:

any readable links that back this up ?

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