Boon of Bul-Kathos Build

Hey guys, I'm an avid diablo fan and have been playing since before LoD. Here is the build i've been thinking of for the barbarian:!ZgS!ZccbYZ

Before you critique for the lack of defense, let me explain.
Wrath of the Berserker with BK is a viable defensive ability (especially including the dodge glyph), furthermore, I'd like to point out that Revenge and Overpower are being used as healing abilities.

Some random thoughts on my build: Because I don't have a rage dump, I feel that Berserker Rage will be useful for overall damage output. Second, I intend to shy away from traditional defensive abilities and instead just allow my player to be surrounded, taking advantage of brawler and the abilities Overpower and Revenge to heal myself while dealing strong AOE damage.

Alternatively, this is my more mainstream build.!ZYg!ZcYbYc

Honestly I have no idea what Inferno holds for us, but I feel like my Bul-Kathos build takes efficiency into account.

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