SOLVED: Slow download issues.

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Went from 0 to 2.3 MB/sec. THANK YOU!
Man, this actually worked! I was getting around 300kbs and now over 6mbps...
Bump to keep n top for others. Good stuff
Add me to the "Thanks" list. This worked for me as well.
disabled peer to peer downloading went from around 250kbs to 600kbs, must've been the uploading messing up my connection speed.
I still dont get a decent speed :/
I tried this but is not working.....the launcher says i have a firewall on, but i don't... :( any help?
Thank you so much!! <3

After spending the entire day trying to download a 60MB patch, of which I only downloading 15MB in the span of 10 hours, I was officially ready to give up.

Your solution saved me!!

I never would have thought Blizzard would choose IE and wininet.dll as their internet interface, but they did. As a person who never uses IE in the course of their daily life, this would have been the last place to look (after a few days of nothing but frustration, of course.)

Thank you very much, you saved my sanity!!
this worked for me! now im getting 3.64 mb/s speed from 57kb/s thank you!
Thanks for your solution. It worked great!!
This should be stickied - instantly went from 85 kb/s to over 1mb/s
I owe OP a beer for defusing my ragemode tonight. Thanks.
Thank you very much, now getting much faster speeds :)
thanks, its a weird thing, i say microsoft is to blame, hahaha, thx for the help!
Thanks, this is the fix that anyone getting hung on downloads needs to use, blizzard should sticky this
I went into my options thinking "there is no way this is seriously going to fix anything". Why is this check box causing problems???? Anyways, thanks OP.
Ok yeah this helped. Turns out if you have some sort of Internet Security program like Norton or Mcafee this option can be selected without notice. This would explain why my laptop downloaded the program without issue and my desktop could not. Out of the two the desktop was the only one with a program of that type. By default the option is unchecked. Thanks for the assist!!
great mr. windows genius, now any ideas for a mac user?

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