Can't Install Diablo 3?

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Yesss its working now. Just keep trying guys.
Looks like I'm going to have to get a refund. Oh well, looks like Diablo wasn't meant to be. I wonder how they will get refunds out to all the people who pre-ordered it?
this helped Update Agent (Agent.exe) Issues
Issues with the Agent helper program may prevent Diablo III from installing or updating properly. If you notice your installation hanging, or if you receive errors specific to Agent, try the following steps:

Stop the installation process if it’s still running.
Wait for at least one minute. Ensure that Agent.exe no longer appears in the Processes tab of your Task Manager.
Restart the installation

Installing now!

Follow These instructions, They Work im installing now!
I get to the install menu were it will start and it goes with an error that says "ERROR: Unable to initialize streaming.Please check your internet connection. If this problem persists, please contact Blizzard technical Support. (createstreamingManifest::GetStreamingManifestContents)" any help or hints?
I finally able to get it running. just keep trying guys i think it wasn't unlock till now
working here now.
Looks like I'm going to have to get a refund. Oh well, looks like Diablo wasn't meant to be. I wonder how they will get refunds out to all the people who pre-ordered it?
yay its working
I'm on a mac and am getting the same issue, unable to stream check internet.
if u get error that u cant get stream or something like that then close the installer wait 1 min and check that the process is close on ctrl alt delete and if it is all closed than restart the installer and shud work fine just did it
NOt sure what changed but It's installing now. THanks blizzard, see you on the other side ;D
stuck at 1% ? O_O
Now I get an error with the Tome2.mpq file...
installing, then:


application crash at 33% approx

(yes internet is working)

maybe it's a lag cause everyone is installing?

ok, after 10 tries (deleting diablo III.temp directory in program files (x86) each time)
i decided to run the downloader
selecting SAME directory where my setup files were (short path, in drive i:\d3 install\ for me)

then setup again

then it worked

so it is either lag, or setup was missing a file
I've done every possible fix I've found on the Internet, and none of them work. I wonder if it has something to do with attempting to install with the old, pre-loaded installer, then trying to use the new installer. I mean, it's not like I had a choice or anything, so I kind of had to use one, then the other.

I didn't need to pay $64 and change to be this frustrated. I could've been this frustrated FOR FREE.
i was having a problem when i accpted the agreement it i got a error or somtin i reran the download and it was missing a file so now its working
Canadian here.

I get a generic crash before it actually starts installing. I thought it was my install package, so I went do download another one.

For me, it defaulted to EU (European) client.

Change it to the country of your choice, re-download, and install. Working fine now.

@Blizz - Canada is not in Europe.
Unbathedhoe (really?) you are completely incorrect in your posting. They are trying to INSTALL the game. For anyone with the digital purchase or WoW Annual Pass that ability became available at 8:01am PDT today. Install is not the same as log in to the servers which happens tonight.

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