Naga for Diablo 3?

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05/13/2012 06:55 PMPosted by Meatfist
Can't imagine playing games without the Naga. It's not just an MMO Mouse..

I also really dig being able to switch between wired/wireless (Naga Epic) as the moods sway me.
05/13/2012 07:00 PMPosted by Ellecute
I originally got the Naga for WoW raiding. It made a huge difference. Honestly I couldn't go back to WoW without it. HOWEVER, I do not use the buttons for any other games. I would rather have a different mouse for every other game I play as I find the side buttons obnoxious when you don't use them.

Yep, I turned them off using the hardware switch at the button of my naga hex, I have one profile with them all enable and another with them all disabled, so when i flipp the switch they are all off.
Me use this.
mouse just for D3 = hex
mouse for everything = naga

So if you think you'll play more games than D3 for the life of the mouse, get the naga. You can use the extra buttons for interface windows, replies, all kinds of stuff. They don't all have to be spells.

In LoL I have my naga setup to call mia's on mid/top/bot, recall, etc. Lots of uses.
Amazing hardware.. I even use it for work. its great for spread sheets and copy paste stuff
I have the naga mmog and have loved it for years.

Comfortably being able to play games like this one handed is pretty great.
Moving this to the hardware forum.

I have a hex at work, and honestly I don't get any time to play at work so I don't have much to say about how it works with the game, but it's a solid product to be sure. My one gripe, if someone twisted my arm, is I personally prefer a matte finish.
Naga Hex. Green

With 6 numeric buttons u just try and see which of the 4 skill buttons ur thumbs is comfortable with and u are ready to go.

Just for Lolz.
With Naga Hex i could play D3 with 1 hand and the other used to carry my 1 yr old watching me.
Deathadder all the way!!!

Though I use a Nostromo instead of keyboard...
The Razer Naga works great for Diablo 3. As I have it configured, I never have to touch the keyboard while playing. All my most used commands, and a few less used ones, are mapped to the mouse. It works really well.

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