Having to re-download whole game again?

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So like many, I redownloaded the installer to fix the 41% eject issue. But now I am getting the problem that the entire game is trying to be redownloaded, even though I had already done so awhile ago.

Any idea's on how I can make my new installer recognize that I already have the game files downloaded, and that they just need installed?
same problem
Bump for a ridiculously fast moving forum.
im having the same problem any idea what to do??
same issue, i downloaded and updated setup files many times leading up to today, old .exe file was Diablo III Setup.exe, and came up with a decryption error, so redownloaded game installer and now its Diablo-III Setup-enUS.exe and im redownloading the 8gigs
im having the same problem any idea what to do??
You cant make the new downloader see the old files. The old ones were compressed and encrypted. The new downloader downloads the game whole into the installation directory.

Good news is the speeds are fast. Getting 1.5-2mb/sec. It goes quickly.
Same problem here
Gah, rather unfortunate for those who work/don't have access to the internet until later today.

Pretty big blunder to have to completely re-download the game.
same redownloading completely
my download speed is ultra slow, what should I do to fix it ?
For a billion-dollar company, this downloader nonsense is pretty inexcusable.

After my downloader finished, I had to start again from about halfway. I'd have lost my mind if I had to go back to the start. All this extra downloading is gonna put me over my monthly usage cap. So basically I'm paying more for the game than I already gave.
I've heard that people are getting stuck in the later percentages of the download. Truly hope that this redownload also does not suffer from that. :/

Snafu's everywhere.
Yep, it is redownloading everything @ around 675kb/s

This seems to be a bit of a bother as I can't afford to just re-download 8GB games every time something changes, a bump for a possible compromise for those of us who have already pre- downloaded!


and send those denizens of the Burning Hells back where they came from!
Same problem, copy-paste from my thread :

So I'm having an extremely frustrating problem, this one :


Seems easy right? Use the downloader, and in a few minutes it will be fixed. My fault for not realizing 100% is not actually 100%.

Just download the : Diablo-III-8730-enUS-Installer-downloader.exe
Everything will be OK!

But guess what? Blizzard has gracefully decided to remove the downloader from their site. Instead we have an installer. I downloaded it on March 15th, the downloader is long gone from my system because I had the complete game downloaded... nope.

So I just choose a location with the installer and it will recognize that I already have everything downloaded, RIGHT? Of course not, that would be easy. No matter what I do the installer ignores the existing files.

So I am now stuck downloading another 8gig, when I already downloaded it, because Blizzard didn't think ahead. I have limit internet usage, thanks Blizzard. Very appreciated.

Very disappointed that a problem that should be fixed in 2 minutes is causing me to re-download an entire game.

Freaking brilliant.
When restarting the downloader, make sure to select the directory that contains the Diablo 3 installer instead of the Diablo 3 install folder itself.

So if you have C:\games\Diablo-III-8370-enUS-Installer
You would select C:\games

Otherwise the downloader will create another Diablo-III-8370-enUS-Installer inside your Diablo-III-8370-enUS-Installer folder and start downloading the full game there.

Update: These steps will only work if you are using the old pre-downloader. We recently switched over to the streaming installer for Diablo 3. If you weren't finished downloading using the pre-downloader when the streaming installer went live, then unfortunately that data won't be of much help. The streaming installer will be able to install the full game though.
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