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anyone buying from them?

Still haven't got my email saying its sent so it looks like I wont be playing till next Friday at the minimum ):
I learnt never to preorder with them, they don't ship till release day and their shipping can take weeks(mine took 3 weeks, although I've heard of better times).

Goodluck mate!
Yeah I might cancel (If I can) if I still don't have the email on monday and just get a digital version
I'd bail.

If you're anything like the rest of us, you'll go nuts with all the talk and end up mistakenly walking into spoilers before you get to play it.

Stuff having an added week to your wait!
Ozgameshop isnt good for any game you want to be playing on release.

They have decent prices, but its all UK based. I'd say you'll be waiting 2-3 weeks from release date for that physical copy of D3, based on my experience with them.

I use them to pick up cheap older games, they kinda suck at new releases.
I attempted to cancel, so I'm hoping they read my message before they ship it |:

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