Idea: Crit Farmer Build, Hammer of Ancients

This is an idea I had when playing with the builder, and it seems like it would be pretty fun to roll with at higher levels for farming.!ZYd!ZcZZcb

Threatening Shout = +Treasure! Hammer of the Ancients = +Treasure!

With the base 5% crit, +3% from shout, + 5% from ruthless, +10% from weapon's master (planning to go axes or maces) - I'm looking at having 23% all the time since shout will always be up.

I'm looking at up to an additional +20% on top of that between revenge and overpower, so it could top out at +43% to crit for all moves.

On top of that -- Hammer of the ancients gets +5% to crit all the time, which is my big spender move. Due to the rune, that's the one I want to crit for the treasure gain chance - and if all the stars line up, it could be a 48% chance to crit, before factoring in gear that will hopefully up that a bit.

I'm not sure what will or won't be farmable - as nobody really is yet - but I'd imagine between revenge and bloodthirst, I'd have a good bit of health coming back -- and should also be seeing more health orbs than most folks thanks to hammer of the ancients' proc.

If it got "too rough" - I'd probably swap Threatening Shout out for something else like Ground Stomp, Ignore Pain, or one of the Rage skills.

Any thoughts?
I did something similar but I have one escape type move. I still feel like I don't have enough escapes and/or defense, and your build ultimately is worse off in this sense, especially at higher levels. You should also include "pound of flesh" to stay topped up and farm faster. This is mine:!aZY!ZcZZbc Strongly considering switching battle rage of WoTB
Er...better in what sense? Threatening shout is the bread and butter of this build for "grim harvest"....

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