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Greetings all fellow WoW annual pass and digital copy folk! You may all be wondering like myself, how we activate our copy of D3 when it prompts us during the installer. Well i am here to inform you that it is already activated! A quick check of your account should already show your copy of D3, and if you click on it, your account status should show as active already! So please do not fret, and feel free to click the 2nd option during install that says you already have one.

See you in the coming conflict!
its been activated...
Thnx mate!
14hrs 40mins!!!! almost there!!!
The prompt to activate it was misleading. Confused me for a minute as well.
Thanks, I was searching all over to find where the game key was!
I was wondering. thnx for the heads up.
Spent half an hour trying to find my game key on the site, only to give up and tab back to see that the game had already been installed while I was searching for the key.
bump for those still making posts asking about this
I don't have the annual pass, but I did buy a digital copy. I was wondering about that as well since I didn't remember getting a key. Now I see that it already says "active" on the account page.

Too bad I can only install today, but won't be around to play until the 17th. Oh well... ;)
thnx for the info, updated title to reflect this
Loading now, cant wait to play. Like a kid in a candy shop. lol
yeah well mine says its active but i cant get in because its comes up there is no game key link to this account

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