Install is stuck at 77%

Technical Support
I have been installing the game and for the last hour it has been stuck at Downloading 59.3 MB. I have left it for sometime but its not connecting to peers or anything. Any help here would be hot. Should I restart the install? Or just leave it for another hour or so?

Thanks for the help
I am having the same problem, removing all the files and reinstalling it didn't help. Anyone have a solution?
Me three. Uninstalled and restarted. Stuck at the same place. 77%, 59.3 MB.
which server/area u guys from? i was on the US server and it was fine. As long the net connection is fine + servers are not overloaded.
I'm from NA West Coast in Canada. I don't see any place to select server or download location.
Might just be moving realllly slow. I just opened mine as I thought I wouldn't be able to "install" until midnight, (yeh blonde moment, tho i'm not blonde)...and I was stuck at 5% for like 10 minutes there.

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