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So i just finished all the downloading and everything but says game hasn't launched yet so it wont install. I am just checking to make sure this is normal, i just kinda figured it would let me install and do everything just short of actually logging into the game is all until launch heh
Yes it it normal. The installer will be unlocked at 8am PDT on Monday.
Well then what's the point of pre-loading now?
So you can install it immediately. some people don't have super fast internet... takes em a few days even just to download.
The 7MB download? Cause that's all I'm getting...and that's not very big.
And if it takes that long to DL it...they probably don't have the internet connection required to play the game.
7Mb is the downloader, not the game. Game is in Gigs.
The total download size is 7.60GB.

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