Barb Dynamic Duos: Synergistic Builds barb+?

I'll be playing with a Monk friend and the prospect got me thinking about synergistic builds with other classes

I'm admittedly pretty terrible at this, but here's my first stab at a Barb/Monk dynamic duo:

Barb -->!VYX!ZbccZc

I have a two-fold aim with this build: fury gen for WoTB uptime and maximizing thorns damage. The big assumption here is that Mantra of Retribution will work with Tough as Nails. In later difficulties, mobs will roll their own faces just hitting me, or so I'm hoping. Two shouts might be overkill for debuffs, but better to err on the side of caution until we can test out how the builds work together.

Monk -->!ZcU!cZabbb

My idea here is the Monk leroys into a pack and Cyclone Strikes, then Barb uses Furious Charge and begins to own. Other monk skills are geared around dmg debuff and CC.

I'd be very interested to read other duo-team builds and rationale behind synergy. Let fly.

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