Download stalled at 6.2gb

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The first 6.2GB of my pre-load download went very quickly but now it's just hung up and seemingly not getting any more of the data. The first 6.2 GB downloaded in minutes, but the estimated time is now at 49 hours for the last GB of data and re-starting the downloader client hasn't gotten the DL started again, it's just seemingly stuck at 6.2GB.

Anyone have any tips on how I can actually download the last GB? I have 100Mbit download speeds, so I don't think bandwidth is the issue here.
89 hours is the new estimation... doesn't seem like I'm getting anywhere here. If I'd known I'd have to deal with less speed than a 12 baud phone modem I'd have started downloading this ages ago.
Wow, total speed on this remaining part of the DL doesn't go above 10 Kb/sec , Am I seriously going to have to wait 50 hours to finish downloading the last 20% of this client???!

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